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Pajero 2.8 Tested Source: Business Standard Motoring
Edition: April 2003. 
The Pajero features an indirect injection engine which is fast becoming an extinct species in the world of oil burners. But the precombustion cycle ensures that the 2835cc four pot unit is quieter than the DI unit powering the new Pajero - at idle, and when revved hard. This motor produces a rocking 118 bhp @ 4000rpm and 29.8kgm of torque @ 2000rpm. This behemoth of a vehicle, reaches 60kmph in 6.42sec and the speedo eventually touches 100kmph in 16.85sec. The Pajero 2.8 comes with 15'' steel wheels in place of 16'' ones commonly found on SUV's. The smaller wheels affect the stance a little and reduce the ground clearnace several notches. The Pajero features a part time 4WD system, with a super select 4WD unit offering 4 traction modes. The part time 4WD system is easy to use - just stop to change over from rear wheel drive to 4WD and back, while the super select unit has an electronically controlled transfer case that allows the driver to shift on the move. But the toast of the package comes in the form of lockable differentials and a torque sensing limited slip differential that separate the Pajero from wannabe 4x4's. With the centre differential locked and the selector in 4LLc setup, a 40degree inclination can be tackled with ease and aplomb.

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