Hindustan Motors
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Details of 1% and above shareholding - March 2006.
  Category As on 31.03.2006
No. of shares Percentage
A Promoter's holding    
1. Indian Promoters  
      National Bearing Co Jaipur Ltd 14740010 9.15
    Central India Industries Limited 9850600 6.11
      National Engineering Industries Limited 6404500 3.97
    Soorya Vanijya and Investment Limited 2755000 1.71
      Universal Trading Company Limited 2372344 1.47
2.  Persons acting in Concert    
    United Commercial Bank A/C Birla Education Trust 3678316 2.28
B Non-Promoters holding    
3. Institutional Investors    
  a. Mutual Funds and UTI    
    Reliance Capital Trustee Co. Ltd.-A/C Reliance Tax Saver (ELSS) Fund 3000000 1.86
  b.  Banks, Financial Institutions, Insurance
Companies (Central/State Gov. Institutions
Non-Government Institutions).
    Life Insurance Corporation of India 10576601 6.56


c.  FIIS    
4. Others    
  a. Private Corporate Bodies    
  b. Indian Public    
  c. NRIs/OCBs    
  d. Any other (Please specify)