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City's top cop gets a new set of wheels

Hindustan Times | New Delhi | November 1, 2007

THE OFFICIAL vehicle of the Delhi Police commissioner has changed. Nearly two decades after it was first put to use by the Delhi Police as the commissioner's official car, the city police has bid goodbye to Contessa.

The commissioner will now be traveling in an Ambassador Grand. However, in keeping with the tradition, the colour of the new car is the same as that of the Contessa used by successive police commissioners: dark blue. The dark blue Contessa, with three stars on its front, signifying the rank of the officer sitting inside, had become synonymous with the Delhi Police.

"Everybody in Delhi at that time knew that it is the police commissioner's car. Even from a distance, people would recognize who was in the vehicle," remembered M.B. Kaushal, who was the commissioner in the early 90's. The decision to change the official vehicle was taken due to a host of reasons. The company had stopped manufacturing Contessa around four years back.

"The car had a life span of around six years and the one that was in use till now had been bought in 1998. The reserve Contessa that we have is a 2000-model but then getting spare parts was not possible. Also, maintenance and driving the car itself was a big problem," a senior officer explained. However, since Delhi Police wanted to carry on with the tradition of the commissioner's car being dark blue in colour, a special request was sent to the car's manufacturers, Hindustan Motors.

"Ambassador Grand does not come in this colour and hence a special request was made," the officer said. The car, the officer said, is a normal one with no extra features like bulletproof windows. Only the things otherwise required, like wireless sets, have been fitted in the car. However, its not yet all over for the Contessa as far as the Delhi Police is concerned.

"The two Contessa cars have been shifted to the security wing of the Delhi Police. Since, the cars are supposed to be used till have been driven for a specific number of kilometers, they will now be used in the security wing," the official said.

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