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The Car to Burn Rubber in
  Business Line | January 12, 2008  

Buy yourself a Mitsubishi Evo X, if all you can do is drive like a hooligan. It will actually reward you for your senseless driving with wide grins and chuckles all the way to Mount Fuji. The 300 bhp, all-wheel drive madness is good, and good for just one thing. Burning rubber.It has some really cool stuff like yaw control(should read yaw(n) control) and active differentials and four wheel drive and nutty acceleration times.its also got a big rear spoiler, neat side skirts and yes, that 'mouth-wide-open' grille that could devour every other japanese car in its path (before it becomes a snack for the Nissan GT-R). Too bad, HM-Mitsubishi keep teasing the public at every Auto Expo, but refuse to launch it here. Start a signature campaign. even get parliament to pass a bill to make the Evo a compulsary import.
heck, if that doesn't work, I dont know what will?

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