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Sticky Shift: Model: Ambassador Classic LPG Maker: Hindustan Motors

The Statesman | Kolkata | 2 December 2007

Hindusthan Motors has introduced the eco-friendly Harit L 1800 E2 and Harit L 1500 E2 with an eye on burgeoning environment pollution. Most people are not aware of the hazards of pollution and as a result the car has yet to gain popularity. Most people do not like the shape and the design of the Ambassador and are reluctant to listen to anything said in praise of the time-tested car.

For the middle class, I feel, the Ambassador is the best sedan available in the market. Low maintenance cost, plenty of space and easy maneuverability have contributed to the popularity of the car. Because of the large space inside passengers get enough elbow space and can stretch their limbs freely. Getting into the vehicle and coming out of it is hardly a problem as is the case with other vehicles and it is a very successful commercial vehicle for it accommodates at least six people. The vehicle is used in several government offices and by VIPs including the Prime Minister, union cabinet ministers and the speaker of the Lok Sabha.

The car is ideal for security reasons. Over the years certain changes have been introduced in the Ambassador. After Nova and Regent, Ambassador cars with diesel engines were introduced. The diesel car is excellent for middle class Indian families. The engine emits minimum noise and the car is extremely easy to handle. Improved quality seats and upholstery have been introduced. Thereís hardly any other vehicle as stable as the Ambassador on highways. Various cars have been introduced that provide better luxury and driving comfort but these cannot take to the craggy roads in the rural areas for their ground clearance is simply not good enough. The Ambassador is equally brilliant on potholed roads.

Ambassadorís new addition to its stable is the eco-friendly Harit cars. It runs on LPG. A large number of car owners think that vehicles fitted with LPG are high on risk as cars might explode if the gas cylinders start leaking. Another objection they commonly raise is that LPG filling stations are few and far between and drivers might well be in a spot in case the cylinder is exhausted in the middle of a journey. It may be mentioned in passing that in Delhi, CNG is used in commercial vehicles and as a result environment pollution has gone down considerably. Because of the high demand of CNG, filling stations have come up and the owners of vehicles using CNG refilling are no longer in problem.

Ambassador Harit is an excellent vehicle and is highly economical. The vehicle is available in 1500cc and 1800 cc variants. The factory fitted LPG kit is safe and is low on risk. It is approved by the ARAI. The safety features include LPG cylinder with multi-valve protection system. There is backfire protection system and high pressure safety release valve. There is an excess gas flow protection system as well and a multi-valve seal box for protection from gas leakage.

The 1800cc vehicle is fitted with powerful suspension and brakes for the comfort and safety of the passengers. Independent suspension with torsion bar springs and anti-roll bar with hydraulic telescopic double acting shock absorbers in the front and semi-elliptical leaf springs with hydraulic telescopic double acting shock absorbers in the rear have been installed for better road grip. Powerful headlamps, sensitive steering and bigger wheels have made driving much more enjoyable.

The Harit will be ideal for those who love the environment and believe that it should be protected at all costs.

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